VANS UA UltraRange EXO MTE-1



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You are Made for the Elements. These are your Vans. Protection from the elements and styling that only Vans can deliver, the UltraRange EXO MTE-1 is built for adventure. Featuring water resistance, enhanced heat retention, and reliable traction, this all-weather shoe is built to get you there-wherever the Vans is excited to extend the versatility of MTE footwear through our UltraRange family with Warm Weather MTE. Replacing the insulation used in our Cold Weather MTE footwear with a thermoregulating, breathable mesh ventilation package that pulls heat off your foot and out to the surface of the shoe to dry, the UltraRange EXO WW-MTE-1 Shoes are a one-way ticket to adventure-based activities. Add to that a water-resistant upper that sits atop an UltraRange MTE-1 outsole tread design for confidence and comfort in any warm-weather environment, and you’ve got the perfect combination: protection from the elements with style that only Vans can provide. They are made with suede, canvas, and synthetic uppers.

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