Transaction Security acknowledges the great significance of security of both Personal Information and security of online transactions. That is why we have taken all the significant measures that ensure the biggest possible security. All information relevant with your personal info is secure and secret. 

In order to ensure security for your personal information, uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. SSL is the most reliable source for internet transaction security in the world. Using this technology, every info you submit in our eshop gets coded before ot goes online and afterwards the info authenticity as well as the server authenticity are investigated.

SSL’s come out in two versions. A 40 bit and a 128-bit one. The biggest the scale, the harder it is for a coded message to be violated. We use SSL 128-bit, that is a trillion times more powerful than a 40-bit SSL. also has a digital security certificate from Thawte, a globally recognized company in the fields of providing protection and data transactions over internet.

Every time you enter our a page that requires input of personal info, Thawte shows a small padlock on the bottom right corner of your screen, that confirms your transaction is secure.

Finally, the password you give when becoming a member of the provides you with personal security. In order to show any of your personal info, you have to provide us with your username and password. For this reason you have to protect these data so they don’t become known to third parties. We also suggest you create passwords using letters, numbers and symbols. 

All transactions made ​​through are governed by international and European law, which regulates issues relating to e-commerce as well as the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994), which regulates issues concerning remote sales. 



Domestic dispatches via General Postal and delivery from one to three days. The shipping cost is € 5.

ALL international orders are shipped with Hellenic Post (Registered). For shipments to EU countries the shipping cost is € 15. For shipments to countries outside the EU, shipping costs are € 25.
All customers get a tracking number so they can follow their package during the whole transit time. All packages are fully insured for your security.

• It is possible to have a shipping address that differs from the billing address.

International customers outside the EU (European Union), please note that in some cases you might be subjected to customs, import taxes or brokerage fee when ordering from us at Citrus Store, please check with your local customs office for your local rules and regulations. Non-EU orders are shipped solely on customer’s own responsibility, as Citrus Store cannot act on customers’ behalf on tax and customs issues. Any order shipped to countries outside the EU can be possibly stopped at customs.

We don´t deduct VAT for international orders.


Payment Methods

At you can pay with one of the following ways


Returns Policy

You can return an item within 14 days (form the day you received your item(s) at your own expense. The items have to be un-used and in new condition. For example; do not send caps in envelopes and don’t label any shoeboxes. This will lead you to not getting a full refund.  Both the returned item AND the packaging has to be in an un-used -as new- condition, if the package is damaged we will charge a fee of at least 20% of the value of the merchandise or 25 EURO.

We will either exchange the returning item(s) and send it to you freight-free or refund your money. does not refund shipping costs. (unless you send back the complete order and have payed the return shipping)

If you place an order and refuse the package when it arrives, you will not get a full refund for your order. You will be charged with the costs of the shipping fees, and also with an additional penalty fee of 10% of the orders value or at least 25 EURO.

Greek law applies to your contract when you purchase with us at

NOTE: It is very important that you provide us with a telephone number that you use during day time, preferably a cellphone number.

Please use these Returns Forms:

NOTE: The process of refunds & exchanges can take up to 30 days.

Any returns should be sent to:
Citrus Store
Radinou 3

Please direct ALL enquiries regarding returns to:
Please state your order number in the header.


Log in - Sign Up

The info required for your identification are two. Your username and your password. Every time you punch these in, you can securely check your personal info. The characters allowed for the username field are:

You have the ability to modify your Personal Identification Security Code (password), your e-mail address (e-mail) and your order shipping address as often as desired. The only one who has access to your information is you, through the above code, and you are solely responsible for maintaining it’s secrecy from third parties.

In case of loss or leakage of these codes, you should immediately alert us, otherwise store will not be responsible for the use of your password by an unauthorized person.

For security reasons we recommend that you change your password regularly and avoid using the same codes and easily detectable info (eg birth date).

When creating your password, we recommend that you use not only letters but also numbers and symbols (always in Latin characters). The characters permitted for the password field are the same as the characters that are allowed in the username filed:

The following characters are allowed for the email field:

For the rest of the registration form fields the following characters are allowed:

In all other fields the following characters are only allowed:

For all of the above fields you are not allowed to use two consecutive characters of the allowed characters. For example : , __, $$, ## etc.


Instant Checkout


The procedure is very easy and immediate. After you have added the items you want to purchase in your cart, you press the link “my basket” and then the button “instant purchase”. Then select

  1. Payment Method
  2. Delivery Address
  3. Delivery preference


Customer Checkout

To make a purchase as a registered client process is simple, The basic premise is to fill out the registration form. Click on the link "Register" at the top of the e shop page and fill out the required fields that are labeled in red.
After registration is complete you will receive an informative e-mail informing you to activate your account. Your account is activated instantly. Once your account is activated to return click the "Login" button at the top of the page to log in to your account, to check or modify your information.
Now you can proceed to complete an order without needing to register again your personal information. The process of completing the order can now be done in a very short time and safely. By entering your system the HTTP protocol changes in security protocol HTTPS.


Free Shipping

For Greece

Νot applicable at this moment

For Abroad

Νot applicable at this moment



During the checkout stage, select shipping method in the "Collect from store". The payment order will be hand to hand at our physical store. In case you are thinking to pay your order with a credit card at the physical store, you should have your credit card and/or passport with you when paying.


Responsive e-shop

Functionality, usability, speed and aesthetics are key priorities that we have set as a target for the design of the standard (website template) of the shop The custom design of the front end is based on latest web technologies, HTML5, CSS3, Media Queries. We have integrated Bootsrap 3 framework for achieving  the best possible user experience in loading, imaging and navigation from any device: desktop pc, laptop, smartphones, handhelds, tablets etc.


Shopping Cart

The Basket operates as a natural basket. In the basket you can add the products you want to buy. Click on the button "ADD TO CART" to add the product you want to purchase. You can remove products any time you want by pressing the red removal button  'X' that you find in your cart. To complete your purchase you should follow one of the following steps:

1. Click on the button "Buy Direct" when you have not registered and entrance to the store (as guest).
2. Clicking on the "Buy" button when you are a registered customer and you connect to the store (as Client).


Paypal Payment

Pay with Paypal through your Paypal account or by charging your credit card through the Paypal system.

The steps are as follows:


Payment Details

Bank transfer

Transfer to a bank account. You can deposit the amount of your purchases to any of the following bank accounts. The deposit slip must enter your name NECESSARILY and send it to info[at] Fees and bank charges shall be borne entirely by the buyer.


Payment upon delivery

Payment to the carrier with the delivery of your order at your place.

Physical store Pick up

Pick up the order from our physical store and pay there.



In Search, the following characters are permitted:

Search is not case sensitive. It takes into account the different situations of the characters such as small caps, Greek, Latin, etc.

For example. If you search for a word written in small letters and the word in the site is written in capital letters, then search will find that word. There is no to write the whole word, just write the first characters.

There are some rules to help you quickly find what you want by using the innovative search engine of store.


We want to find code 2048. We have the following search options.

  1. We write the entire code 2048. In this case search will bring us all products that have code 2048 or products that their code contains the number 2048, irrespectively whether 2048 is at the beginning or end of the code.
  2. We write the first characters of the code and adjoining an asterisk, ie 20 * in this case search will bring us products that have a code that begins with the number 20
  3. Conversely if write the asterisk after number 20, i.e. 20 * , search will bring us products that have a code ending in 20


Product Filters