About Us


The love for street culture and providing our customers with 100% dedication to make them stand out with a unique style is what it’s all about.

We have been born in the culture and we represent the culture to the fullest.

Birth child of Kris Mourtzouchos - aka Kris Blunt -, Citrus started in 2009 in a small town (Aigio) with the mission to promote the street culture there.

2010 we launch our eshop.

But our dreams were bigger, so a move to Patra was a must. In 2013 Patra had its first OG sneaker and streetwear store.

Same year we open our Tattoo shop across the road, as ink is also a big part of our culture.

In 2015 our concept store is created on the street of Radinou.

Blunt’s dream of creating a social hub that had all the elements Citrus represented was a reality. Spanning over three floors, Citrus concept store has our streetwear/sneaker store on ground floor, our freshest addition- the Barber Shop - on the first floor and on the third our Tattoo Shop.

To this day the love for streetwear, hip hop and streetculture and our mission to promote it and serve likeminded people is what makes the Citrus team going strong.


Radinou 3, Patra